Friday, June 11, 2010

Earl Grey (English version)

Earl Grey, almost an autobiography of adolescence

Earl Grey, Earl Grey is my morning tea (ever since I began to have grown-up habits and started to drink tea for breakfast), that noble Englishman has capturated my whole morning being - not at all, not at all, it was Catherine of Bragança who brought the tea to the English royal court -
Earl Grey is my morning feast, the sharp flavour of bergamotte helps me enter the day, these transitions are always difficult for me - I know that my flat mate in the student halls doesn't steal it from me because she doesn't like the scent of Earl Grey - the name in English is familiar to me, maybe because of my grandfather's English ancestors on my mother's side who came to Oporto from Scotland and were named Messeder - oh no, Annie, they probably spoke Gaelic - oh no, oh no, just 2% of Scotland's population, roughly 5 million inhabitants, speak Scottish Gaelic nowadays - but the story of the Scottish ancestor was already in the XIX century -
Earl Grey, I would so much like to sing, today is a new day and it's a magnificent sunny day, just like the sun rise and shine - but sing for what purpose, Annie, the age is not lyrical at all - but Earl Grey, Earl Grey, I will sing your name that I have forgotten, whatever it may be, because even that doesn't matter anymore, through the city's streets - and without blushing!

Chansonettes (2010)
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